Budget Issues For Students

For those who are looking for a student accommodation canterbury has a variety of choices. The range of rent prices can be variable, but there are some strategies that can make living affordable for students. One of the first things to consider when looking for housing is to find roommates to share costs. Those who want to live on their own will almost always pay more than those who share housing.

The most affordable way to manage rent is usually to find three roommates. The reason for this number is that rent can be split four ways and an apartment with four will not be much more than one with room for three. The additional share will significantly decrease the amount of money each roommate will be responsible for. Finding three other people who can get a long a share accommodations is sometimes easier said than done.

Just remember that each roommate is responsible for their share of the rent for every month of the term. Signing a contract commits the students for the length of the term and then they can seek an alternative. There is no point in looking for housing for more than four people as this would change the classification to Houses in Multiple Occupation. Landlords have to addition issues to attend in this category and are able to charge more for rent.

There are other bills to account for that can make a difference in how much a student will have to pay each month. Heating is often a large part of the budget, but landlords must provide an Energy Performance Certificate, so tenants can budget costs ahead of time. Getting together as a group to prevent wasting energy through unnecessary open windows or doors, keeping the temperature down, and dressing warm, can save a few important pounds by the end of the month.

There are some taxes to be aware of that may not apply to student lets in canterbury. A single TV license will usually be needed for those who share a flat and those who go home in the summer will be able to get a discount for those months. If the property is rented by the room, but has a shared community area, each TV will need its own license. Full-time students also have the ability to file as exempt from the council tax.


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